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Bottle guard Vada


grated bottle gourd:

rice floor:
grated ginger:

curry leaves:

Pudina leaves:

Chopped Coriander leaves:


Chopped onion:



take fresh bottle gourd and grate it along with peel (take round/village bottle gourd better taste).

add one cup of grated bottle gourd rice flour until it becomes a good damp mass to make like vada (use water if necessary).

to the above mix, add one table spoon grated ginger, 5-6 grated green Chilies, -10 Pudina leaves, 2 table spoons of Chopped coriander leaves, half table spoon Jeera, 3 table spoons of chopped onions and salt for taste.

mix well and keep aside for 5-10 minutes. then pour required oil in the Kadai and heat in medium flame after heating of oil, take the above mix and make it like vada and fry in oil on medium flame until turn to light brown Colour.

serve the hot bottle gourd vada with pickle or sauce